Treatment Zone

Extracting teeth is not always the best method to solve problems in a child's mouth!

Dentistry has made incredible progress in recent years and many parents are staggered at the modern, pain-free techniques we now have available. Our goal is to make treatment as gentle, effective and stress-free as possible.

We work with all children from birth to 18 and apply the same exacting, high standards to every treatment we offer.

We provide examinations and consultations on:

  • Maintaining healthy smiles in healthy children
  • High quality white fillings in baby and adult teeth
  • Caries Risk Assessment (CRA) and counselling for cavity prone children
  • Genetic and developmental teeth problems for example defective teeth, missing teeth and other defects such as extra teeth or crooked, malformed teeth
  • Care of teeth that have been injured through play, sports, accidents etc…
  • Oral habits for example tooth grinding, facial tics, oral hygiene, diet
  • Management of sick children with oral complications for example children with cancer, transplant patients, complex medical and/or genetic problems
  • Other oral problems for example teething problems, gingivitis, stomatitis, ulcers
  • Orthodontics for children and adolescents

We pride ourselves on taking the time and effort to fully understand each individual child’s needs and carry out thorough examinations to assess requirements.

All our equipment is at the cutting-edge of dental technology including our digital radiography system which reduces the radiation exposure for patients by up to 90 per cent.