Prevention Zone

At My Kid's Dentist, we prefer to prevent decay rather than treat it!

Professional preventive programme

That’s why we have developed a professional, custom-made preventive programme. Our specially trained hygienists work with each child to help them improve their oral hygiene habits at home. They are motivated to want to take care of their teeth and to understand that ultimately their teeth are their responsibility. Of course, we also encourage parents to offer supervision and support, after all most children know how to brush their teeth – it’s just not at the top of their priority list!

Our professional preventive programme comprises:

  • Understanding the cause of decay and the initial signs to look for
  • Illustrating how damaging dental plaque is
  • Intensive cleaning and polishing of teeth
  • Hardening of enamel by applying fluoride varnish or gel

Practical tooth brushing exercises:

  • Demonstrating the latest, time-saving oral hygiene products
  • Demonstrating age appropriate teeth brushing techniques
  • Advice on the use of dental floss
  • Explaining the benefits of fluoride
  • Dietary advice to help minimise the risk of decay

Special investigations to help identify patients at risk of decay:

  • Condition of the teeth
  • Analysis of diet
  • Scrutiny of child’s oral care
  • Assessing hereditary links
  • Diagnostic salivary tests

Prevention Advice