4. Endodontics

There are many reasons why even primary teeth sometimes need root canal treatment.

Endodontics for the young patient

Endodontics (root canal treatment)

Tooth decay can cause the nerve of the tooth to be infected, even when the cavitations seem small to the naked eye. Between the teeth, decay is especially dangerous for the dainty milk teeth because the nerve tissues lie superficially.

When a tooth nerve has died, it is called “non-vital”. Clinical signs of a non-vital tooth would be a fistula or an abscess. There are many reasons for a tooth to become non-vital.

Possible causes for a non-vital tooth:

  • Accidents… even if the accident or fall was some time ago
  • Caries… even a visibly small cavity could cause a pulpal infection
  • Proximal caries… primary teeth are more vulnerable to proximal caries
  • Possible consequences of an insufficient treatment
  • Possible damage to the permanent tooth germ
  • Deteriorating bodily health due to permanent bacterial overflow
  • Escalation into an acute emergency due to weak defence (abscess)