3. Space Maintainer

The primary molars have an important function of maintaining the space for the permanent teeth.

If there is early loss of primary molars, eating and chewing can be badly affected. Fixed or removable space maintainers are available.

Fixed Space Maintainer

Fixed Space maintainer are cemented and will be removed when the next permanent tooth is growing into the space.

The material is non allergic stainless steel. There are no special techniques to clean it, but when it was fit in right after an extraction the gum can be sore, therefore it is even more important that this area is cleaned perfectly.

If your child is having discomfort afterwards it is most likely, that the gum is infected around the space maintainer. This can happen, when the area is not cleaned properly.

Have your child rinse with salt water. Of course you can always come in to have it checked by us.

Also dislodged space maintainer can cause some discomfort. It can be re-cemented easily, so let us know and book an appointment as soon as it happens.