Your First Visit

Enjoying Your First Visit...

A first visit to our practice focuses on the child getting to know us. It will include information about risk factors for dental disease, eating habits and general oral healthcare. It may be necessary at this stage to take x-rays. From there we develop an individual treatment plan best suited to the child and family.

We provide services for children with healthy teeth as well as those who have problems. The general trend towards aesthetics and preventive care is important as the best looking teeth are those that are absolutely clean and healthy.

Our philosophy is about making each visit to the dentist child orientated, helping children to avoid the fears associated with dentistry.

Please take a little time to read our suggestions of Do’s and Don’ts:

Please Do…

  • Tell your child they are going to the dentist
  • Tell your child the dentist will count their teeth
  • You could also say that the dentist will show them how to brush their teeth or take a picture of their teeth
  • Use positive words such as fun, exciting and play

Please Don’t…

  • Say “there is nothing to worry about”
  • Say “don’t be afraid/frightened”
  • Say “it wont hurt”
  • These type of statements imply that it might hurt.

Please Don’t…

  • Say “the dentist will get mad if you have not cleaned your teeth”
  • Promise your child a reward
  • The feeling of ‘must win the gift’ is a great pressure on a child.

If you are nervous about visiting the dentist yourself, it is better to say as little as possible.

It is only with your support that we can achieve a positive first experience at My Kid’s Dentist.