2. Inhalation Sedation

The application of modern nitrous-oxide analgesia gives a child the possibility of being totally relaxed during dental treatment.

Inhalation Sedation (nitrous oxide)

The delivery of a mixture of nitrous oxide+oxygen through a small nasal mask brings the child to a euphoric condition and prevents pain. This results in an increased acceptance of the necessary treatment, for example, the administration of local anaesthesia.

Laughing gas is a simple and secure calming method which should not be confused with general anaesthetic procedures, in which the child is unconscious.

Condition of the child:

  • Euphoria and relaxation
  • Feeling of time-loss (20 min feels like 10 min)
  • Increased readiness to positive thinking
  • Lack of interest in the external happenings

Advantage of nitrous-oxide-inhalation sedation:

  • Stress free dental visit
  • Pain free dental visit
  • Possibility of a positive influence through suggestive choice of words
  • Patient is fully conscious through out the treatment
  • Recovery to a normal condition is almost instantaneous as soon as nitrous-oxide is turned off
  • Possibility of a combination with other sedatives